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favisnugget wrote (edited )

I’m favisnugget, coming from the NE part of the US. I’m on the older side and have had my ed (primarily anorexia purging subtype with bouts of bulimia subtype- apparently this is important for insurance coding reasons idk) for decades. While I’ve been in and out of IP etc more times than I actually can count, I’ve also had moments where things are actually good almost like recovery.

I’m at a spot where I’m functioning and life is going on and I am able to participate in it. Online communities help keep me afloat.

Alcohol and Netflix and I are in a three way relationship. I also like to collect recipes I’ll never cook and look at restaurant menus of food I will never eat.

Likely I’ll delete my Reddit account (the alt I used for ed related things) because there isn’t much to use that account for.