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Last night, our community hit 100 members! This is about 0.3% of our original 32,000+ strong Reddit community, but it’s a step towards restoring what was once a safe place for thousands.

To celebrate, I’m creating this thread as a place for everyone to introduce themselves to the community.

We here at ProED hope everyone receives the support they seek from this community, whether you’re joining from the Reddit collapse or discovering this community for the first time.



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Lavender22 OP wrote

Hi everyone,

I’m Lavender, and I’m a moderator for this community. I’ve been anorexic a few years. I’m Dutch at heart, though I moved to the USA at a young age. I hope to move back to the Netherlands one day, if I ever learn Dutch well enough.

I joined the orininal ProED subreddit to find support, and I want everyone to find that same support here.



Ste_v382 wrote

I'm Ste_v382, and I've had an eating disorder in one form or another for years, probably at least 10 years. I've struggled with BED that whole time. Became diabetic just before I turned 16 and suffered with diabulimia for about three years. I've only had one irl friend with an eating disorder, when I was in college, but we made each other worse, as teenagers can. It's nice to be able to come somewhere where I can relate to some people, and feel like I'm not alone with my food obsession


Lavender22 OP wrote

Hey Ste_v382! Always remember, you're never alone. Welcome!


GlitterVega wrote

Hello! I'm Alex. GQ, in my 40s, and after living all over the country, somehow I've settled in the SL, UT area.

I've had eating disorders (restrict/binge/purge/binge/restrict, repeat, etc.) of one form or another since early grade school, along with MDD and the assorted gender/sexuality issues that made being a GenX Queer so much fun.

I've found myself relapsed for the past 2-3yrs very quietly, pretty much stuck in a binge/restrict cycle. I'd say good on me for getting out of the purging, but it's only because I really don't have a gag reflex these days.


Cup_And_Saucer wrote

Yo I'm Cup_And_Saucer, 27F from Florida.

ED has been around for 10 years, found the original ProED in 2015 and been around since. I mostly restrict, prepping for an event in February and trying to lose 20 pounds by then but we all know how that goes.


Lavender22 OP wrote

Welcome, Cup_And_Saucer! Good luck, but remember to always stay safe!


favisnugget wrote (edited )

I’m favisnugget, coming from the NE part of the US. I’m on the older side and have had my ed (primarily anorexia purging subtype with bouts of bulimia subtype- apparently this is important for insurance coding reasons idk) for decades. While I’ve been in and out of IP etc more times than I actually can count, I’ve also had moments where things are actually good almost like recovery.

I’m at a spot where I’m functioning and life is going on and I am able to participate in it. Online communities help keep me afloat.

Alcohol and Netflix and I are in a three way relationship. I also like to collect recipes I’ll never cook and look at restaurant menus of food I will never eat.

Likely I’ll delete my Reddit account (the alt I used for ed related things) because there isn’t much to use that account for.


TheAlienatrix wrote

Hi all,

I'm in my 40s and live in the northeast US.

I've had disordered eating my entire life and a diagnosable eating disorder for more than 10 years.

I've been suffering with BED for the last five of those years and then, after my mother died in Sept, something clicked and I went full tilt back into restriction, counting, obsessing, etc. At least the weight loss feels better than the weight gain with BED.

Grateful for the ED support community (no matter what platform we exist on these days).


Lavender22 OP wrote

Hi TheAlienatrix. I'm sorry about your mother dying. Glad we can give you the support you need. Welcome!


canadianqueen wrote

Hey im canadianqueen, 22F from BC :) I've had an ed for a while now, i'm weight restored but relapsing. hoping to 10 pounds at least each month!


Lavender22 OP wrote

Hey canadianqueen! That looks like a really high goal. Remember to always stay safe, and have a bite of something if you feel like you're going to pass out. Good luck, and welcome to the community!


Sylphishly wrote

Hi everyone,

I'm Sylphishly (23F, USA) and I've been struggling with anorexia for about 5 years. I was never active in this community on reddit but I had a been a lurker there for awhile and it was always comforting to read so many posts that I could relate to. Once it was taken down, I regretted never having been active there so I was very happy to find this.

Right now I'm in a place of relative stability. My physical health is more or less fine and I am managing a somewhat normal life, but I still struggle with food and weight/body obsession every day.


ci_fre wrote

Yo! I'm originally from Reddit's proED community. I've had an eating disorder sort of on and off for several years now, ever since I was 14. Mainly I have experience with anorexia. It's nice to meet everyone! <3


coffeecat wrote

Hi, guys (: I used to frequent r/proed and you all helped me so much. I felt so understood and loved. You guys rock!!! I'm so happy we have this place now.

A slight background about me - I'm a 24 year old female. I'm 5'1.75 and 92lbs currently. My UGW is 85lbs. I developed my ED 2 years ago as an adult. I was never overweight (my highest weight was 120lbs). I guess what started as healthy weight loss (I wanted to get down to 105) spun out of control and here we are. My boyfriend and family are unaware of my ED and I am very good at hiding it. I work in a restaurant which further triggers me to restrict. Im hoping to reach at least 88 lbs by Christmas.


rumin8ingrhubarb wrote

Ciao friends.

I'm R, 20 years old, living in New Zealand. Have suffered from disordered eating since age 15 along with a cornucopia of other mental health problems ): Been in and out of a psych ward for a couple of years, and I'm currently restricting. I sporadically visited the Reddit ProED (rip) but am glad to have found this new microcosm of support. xx


Eleana wrote

Hey, I'm Eleana. I'm 23F in Canada currently but I'm from the USA. I'm not really anorexic or bulimic or anything. I don't really know what I am, maybe I'm nothing. I just like being around you guys.


HitchHikeHawk wrote

I know I'm a little late to this party, but oh well! I've been diagnosed with a OSFED (purge/restrict cycle). I live in NE USA, and I'm 17 yo. I developed my eating disorder 4 years ago. I'm so happy to be able to be part of this community, and I look forward to talking to everyone! HitchHikeHawk


Itsamewario wrote (edited )

Hi, itsamewario, 33F from USA. I’m 62” and CW: 120 lb, GW: 98 lb


arina wrote

27F here from SoCal. I've been recovered for about 5 years. I still have body image issues and it's a struggle not to get triggered by people around me.