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You do not necessarily need to wait until the end of the day to post all your meals. You can post now and then edit. Please include calories.

A possible format:






A calorie estimate/calculation is encouraged!



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Cup_And_Saucer OP wrote (edited )

Breakfast: Half a Bronkaid + Coffee w/ 2 Tbsp Half and Half (35 cal)

Lunch: no

Dinner: Aldi Chicken Pot Pie (380 cal)

Snacks: not today satan, we doing hot drinks and broth ONLY!

Total: 415 cal


Coffeeandtea wrote


Breakfast: 6tbs of milk

Lunch: none

Dinner: 6tbs milk, 2 protein bar, vitamins

Total: 662 calories


favisnugget wrote

Breakfast: one brand protein bar (220)

Lunch: packet oatmeal (100), 2TB fiber one (15), 1T dried cranberries (35), 1T almonds (42)

Dinner: likely salad with grilled chicken (est 250)

Snacks: none

Approx 662 not including the alcohol amount tbd


Cup_And_Saucer OP wrote

My stomach is insane, doesn't give a fuck no matter how many crazy acidic foods, alcohol, or medications I eat with no buffer.

It is both a blessing, and curse. When I binge I legit never feel full so I'll eat to the point of vomiting ¯_(ツ)_/¯


TheAlienatrix wrote (edited )

Another day has transpired, my fellow ED travelers.

Here's my tally:

Breakfast: Skipped

Lunch: 12 ounces of au bon pain minestrone soup (120), milky way fun size bar (100)

Dinner: Candy bar halo top (340).

Snack: Two pita chips (50)

Total: A whopping 610. I could have definitely survived without the chocolate or pita chips.

Hope you all were successful today or at peace with yourself if you weren't.


favisnugget wrote

I can do that with alcohol and acidic stuff but not at all with certain meds. Iron supplements especially. But that’s crazy how you can’t feel anything! Is there a medical reason why or are you just lucky/unlucky?


bumblebatty wrote

Breakfast: Nature Valley chewy peanut butter granola bar (170)

Lunch: none

Dinner: 5 glasses pinot grigio (600)

Exercise: walking ~4 miles (-300)

Total: 770-300=470