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Cup_And_Saucer OP wrote (edited )

Since I posted it I'll start (although I don't update tile evening)!

I'm trying to hella low restrict so I can eat like people on Thursday so

Breakfast: Coffee w/ 2 Tbsp Half & Half (35 cal)

Lunch: Egg White Omelet w/ feta and sundried tomato (86 cal)

Dinner: Fiance wanted ravioli :/ (461 cal)

Snacks: Chocolate Milk with Unsweetened Almond Milk and Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup (30 cal); 3 Tbsp of cool whip straight from the tub like a goddamned animal (45 cal)

Total: 657 cal :( wanted to stay sub 500 but felt bingy all day so I guess staying this low is a win


DisguisedAsMe wrote

So I am celebrating today for passing a huge exam so my friend group is planning on going out! 🤗

Breakfast: A quarter of a nature valley bar-50 calories

Lunch: Going to attempt to skip it - 0 calories

Dinner: Frozen margarita & chips ~800 calories

Snacks: As long as drunk me behaves, no

Total: 850 calories


TheAlienatrix wrote (edited )

Breakfast: Skipped

Lunch: 1/4 c of cottage cheese (50), two pita chips (25), 1 teaspoon of hummus (25), 1 hershey's kiss (25), one cube of cheese (25). Total for lunch: 150

Dinner: Shrimp (250)

Total: 400


favisnugget wrote (edited )

Breakfast: one brand protein bar (220)

Lunch: packet oatmeal (100), 2TB fiber one (15) , 1T dried cranberries (35), 1T almonds (42)

Dinner: naruto roll of some sort (250?)

Snacks: fiber one bar (90)

So far 502. My spouse is bringing home sushi and she’s supposed to be getting me a tuna naruto roll (estimate 250 since I fucking love soy sauce).

That’d bring the food content to 752. The alcohol however...


Lavender22 wrote

Breakfast: Snyder’s Pretzel Sticks (120)

Lunch: None

Dinner: To be none

Snacks: None (unless breakfast counts? Lol)

Total: 120


laisserai wrote

I don't count calories. (I go crazy when I do)

Breakfast: Wrap with carrots/potatos. Yogurt with spices. (Homemade Indian food, this is the best way I can describe it lol).

Lunch: Starbucks hot chocolate (110cal)

Dinner: Same thing as breakfast.

Snacks: Fibre1 Cookie

Exercise: 20 min pilates. 20 min HIIT.