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I'm trying to prepare myself for a RELAXING Thanksgiving by preparing to NOT count, not worry, not stress about food.

My only food goal for the day is going to be to not eat so much that purging is all I can think about--that super uncomfortable filled to the absolute brim kind of feeling?

Already, this mental preparation triggers a whole shit ton of guilt for not being STRICT enough on myself. But I'm trying to quiet that voice, too.

Anyway, anyone else trying to be gentle with themselves on Thursday?



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Cup_And_Saucer wrote

I'm planning to starve myself/vv low restrict from now til then to make up for it so idk if it counts but yeah.

I wanna eat Thanksgiving like a normal human, I want to grab seconds of mashed potatoes if I so choose, I wanna guzzle cranberry sauce like an animal, and I do not want to feel guilty this year.


DisguisedAsMe wrote

I'm gonna try and go light this year but I feel like...I might binge :( I do poorly on holidays. I just hope the work up to it keeps going well so I won't actually gain anything too bad


favisnugget wrote

I’m not having a traditional thanksgiving so I’m less anxious. Grilled fish, salad and some fruit. But there will be pie and I don’t know if I can get away without eating even a thin slice. Watch my dad will surprise me with a bunch of shrimp too and I always down like a pound.

I hope you can achieve your goal on Thursday. Not purging is so hard especially on a ‘food’ holiday.

Every year I try to remind myself the point of the day is to give thanks for everything we have or have had. Maybe give thanks for the thought that you wish to be gentle to yourself?


GlitterVega wrote

Best of luck to everyone out there! I'm on the hard-restrict bandwagon until Thursday, then I'm going to try and keep it sensible. Fortunately I'm doing the cooking, so I can at least know what's going in to everything.

This thread also reminded me I need to buy cranberries.


smallest_madeline wrote

I'm doing something similar. Trying to fill up on veggies and protein, 1 carb and 1 dessert but I am not going to count the calories


coffeecat wrote

Oh my God, I am so nervous for Thanksgiving. Even though I'm an adult, my parents are divorced and I'm living with my boyfriend and his family, so I literally am being invited to like 4 thanksgivings. I just dont know what to do. I've been high restricting the past 6 days and plan on low restricting today. I just really dont want to celebrate a holiday that basically revolves around food. My mother wants me to come over tomorrow to help her cook and prepare things... I hate all the comments I always get from my family. I dont know. I'm going to try to eat as little as I possibly can. I guess I cant really track what I'm eating as everything is homemade.