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GlitterVega wrote

Work IS my me-time to be able to indulge completely in my disorder. Plenty of distractions and things to keep me occupied, nobody who really notices what I do or do not eat. When there are office culture things like pot lucks, I generally take a little bit of a few things, and go back to my desk where I might take 2-3 bites of whatever, and the rest just gets scraped around for plausible deniability.

I try very hard to not keep binge-foods on hand. The 100 kcal packs of microwave popcorn are lifesavers. Studying makes it way too easy to snack mindlessly. Plain popcorn tossed with seasonings, dried seaweed snacks, tea, sugar free hard candies, and gum are super helpful when the urge strikes. Weirdly, peppermint lip balm also makes me not want to eat.