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Lavender22 wrote

I never ever knew that sub existed until now


favisnugget wrote

The admins have been hammering down for a few years now. They’ve cleaned house of hate subs and illegal porn (well, the ones they noticed and obvs more come about all the time).

Remember jailbait? That sub was the definition of illegal. Other subs who urge the rape and murder of people? Yeah.

But a group of people struggling with a chronic and sometimes fatal disease? Sure. Put us in the same category as pedos and sociopaths. Sounds right to me.


SoggyRamen wrote

I'm learning about more ED subs now than I ever did when people posted asking if there are other ED subs


TheAlienatrix wrote

I never knew it existed either. It seems very quiet there???


coffeecat wrote

I didn't know that sub was still up. Wow... they take ProED away from us though and ProEdMemes? I'm still so upset and disappointed in the admins. That was a place for us all to feel accepted. But we have this place now, so that's good at least.