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Xylanthius OP wrote

Thank you for being so honest about this.

Do you have health problems related to restricting for so long? what does your hair look like?


GlitterVega wrote

I've actually been really lucky when it comes to related health problems. I have a heart murmur/valve issue that has been exacerbated due to my restrictive behaviors, so even though it kills me some days, I try to keep between 650-1k/kcal per day as the worst of the issues seem to crop up when I restrict sub-500/day.

... that also makes it easier to pass off "ED Behavior" when people SEE you eating, it helps keep people less on guard.

(that sounds terrible. I do not recommend hiding your stuff, but I never listen to myself.)

Somehow my hair has remained extremely thick, despite my best efforts to destroy it due to approx. 2x/mo bleach/color cycles. I'm not sure how I ended up lucky in that aspect. On the other hand, I have ended up with horrible dry skin issues, to the point of cracking and bleeding regardless of how much lotion is used.