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coffeecat wrote

I am 24 years old. I developed my eating disorder when I was 22. My story is pretty weird. I was in my last year of college and I participated in a research study the university was conducting. They were just looking for students to participate because the purpose of the study was to get a general idea of the health of their students. The study involved a blood test, weighing you, measuring your height, cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar, things like that.

They also measured your body fat percentage. At the time, I found out I weighed 118lbs and my body fat percentage was almost 30. I was absolutely disgusted with myself and the woman conducting the study suggested I lose some weight. Other than that, my cholesterol, blood pressure, and everything else was very good.

I took the advice too far and now I have an ED. Soon after that research study, I found ProED and basically realized I had a problem. I dont blame the university at all, it's not anyone's fault I developed an ED, it just happened.