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DisguisedAsMe wrote

I'm 22 years old! I remember the day and even what I was wearing when I first started to worry about it.

For some background I was super underweight in 6th grade. I was 57 lbs and had a BMI of about 14-15. It was enough that I got calls home about it from school. I didn't have an ED and actually ate a ton. I just was pretty sick with random illnesses. I was always very used to being "the skinny one".

So then I gained quite a bit of weight when I went through puberty. So at the end of 8th grade I was about 95 lbs. I remember my mom distinctly telling me "you got fat" and poking my stomach. And I was still underweight then. So I started to gain even more weight and since then have been going back and forth with it. Binging and restricting and losing and gaining.

I would say that it really decide to stick with me around 18 years old.