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Cup_And_Saucer wrote (edited )

Didn't do these hella often on ProED but I want raddle to take off since the admins are bastards so 💁‍♀️

  • Breakfast: Coffee with 1 tsp granulated sugar (it's the weekend lol) and 1/8 cup of whole milk (41 cal)

  • Lunch: lol no

  • Dinner: Various Japanese from Uber Eats that I'm too lazy to type out lol (392 cal)

  • Snacks: 2 cups of watermelon (80 cal); a pumpkin spice latte from Wawa during my long drive home (220 cal); TJs Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip (30 cal); 13 TJs Thin Mini Crackers (46 cal)

Total: 809 cal, so inside my limit despite soooooo much snacking and ordering dinner


ziq wrote

the best way to get it to take off is to pm everyone on reddit and ask them to come here. that sub will get banned without a doubt, unless the mods censor the hell out of every discussion you have.


Cup_And_Saucer wrote

I know, but I dont have the time/script writing ability to make that happen. And our poor sweet ProED had 30,000+ subscribers, most of which didn't even make it to the new sub. No idea how to find those people. 😥

We have Peach though, and I been shilling the raddle like a motherfucker on there.