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ziyal79 wrote

Yes, I do stop eating at night. I employ an intermittent fasting regimen where I stop eating by 7:30 pm and don't resume eating again until 1:30pm. This way I stay fasted for 19 hours and eat for 5 hours.

It helps me avoid binges because I eat low carb as well.

At first, I didn't think I'd be able to do it, but brushing my teeth when I close my window and doing the dishes are good ways to remind myself that I'm not eating any more.

The best way to avoid midnight snacking is to not buy any binge food at all, otherwise I can't help myself.

You'll find over time as fasting becomes a habit, you'll be less hungry during your window and you'll avoid binges. If you still really want to binge, you can do it in your window. That's what I've found, anyway.


coffeecat wrote

My OMAD is at night. I ECA stack during the day when I'm at work and eat once I get home. I've been drinking ginger tea after my meal and it helps make me feel fuller. If you don't have anything in your kitchen that isn't a safe food, it's so much easier to not binge.


aliswho wrote

My cut off time is around 6PM. :)


Lavender22 wrote

Yeah, same. How do you stop eating after that? For me, I lock myself in my room with no food and my phone. Get carried away watching YouTube or something and eventually forget I’m hungry.


GlitterVega wrote

I work swing shift, so I'm not home til after 1am.

Doing a VLC/IF combo (18/6) makes it a bit easier for me, but sometimes... it just doesn't work out as well as hoped. I tend to drink tea non-stop from the time I get home until bed. Sometimes just staying out of the kitchen is the hardest part of it all.

Distractions help. Youtube, hobbies, pets, anything like that will help keep my mind off it. Sometimes if the urges get really bad, I will pick a room in the house to clean, or take a shower or a bath before bed.