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chickfilanus wrote

This is so incredibly well written, it says everything i was thinking, and i really hope some reddit admin sees this


coffeecat wrote

Thank you so much for writing this. I agree 100%. That subreddit helped me through so many difficult times. Im so upset it got banned.


SoggyRamen wrote

I think people who don’t have an eating disorder see the posts with people saying “I’ve eaten one spinach today, I feel amazing” and see comments saying “same here!” And assume we’re encouraging eachother. They think we should be saying saying “please eat, I know you don’t want to but this is dangerous.” Or deleting the post all together because ED groups should only be about getting help or forcing people to think about recovery, but all that does is push people like myself away. I’m not in recovery, recovery caused me to eat everything and gain so much weight I was obese and I’m working on losing that now. I don’t want to think about recovery, I want to talk to people in the same stages as me. I want to be able to vent about how all I’ve eaten is junk food today and now I’m ordering a pizza and I want to cry without someone saying “Yay food go you” or making me feel like I’m not allowed to talk about what I’m going through. We have people in recovery, but we have even more people in the throws of it like myself and we need to be able to talk about what we’re doing and going through like it’s normal because it is for us, I can’t talk to my family about it, so am I supposed to just keep this all inside? And subs like EDmemes made me actually laugh, it made light of what I’m going through and I needed that.

I also feel like they banned these subs to prevent “normal” people from finding them and being influenced, like what we have is contagious. So now we should not only be ashamed and keep this inside because it’s shameful but we are also not allowed to talk about what we’re going through for fear of corrupting the innocent. We aren’t allowed to have spaces and it makes me so angry.

Sorry for my rant, I’ve had a bad day and I just have so much anger.


sylviaplath wrote

I totally agree. I miss the community.