What to do with small stones?

Submitted by the_poebel in permaculture

Hey everybody!

I wanted to start a small permaculture project in my backyard, and I have a lot of stones similar to these. I would like to put them to use, but I have no idea what one could do with them. If someone has an idea or a link to refer me to that would be highly appreciated.


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ziq wrote

Pebbles are great. I use them for paths (over landscape fabric or similar), for lining the bottom of ponds and bigger ones are useful for closing gaps in rock piles (habitats for reptiles and beneficial insects).


the_poebel wrote

Those are some good ideas. I still have a lot of lawn and if I would try to use them for paths they would get overgrown pretty fast, but I could use some for ponds and closing gaps.

Also learned a new word, never heard of pebbles before, thanks!


raindropq wrote

pebbles are smaller, u/ziq but those those rocks would be perfect for a Bolo sling also can i please camp in your yard sometime?