[Debate] New users added to private message discussions should be able to read the entire chat history

Submitted by Xesau in parliament

Group messaging will be introduced sooner or later (ref.).

In all likelihood, you will be able to add new users to a group chat after it has been created. If they can read what has been said before, that could be either useful, because then they won't miss out on important stuff, but it may also contain sensitive information (also: temporarily removing someone to discuss something without them would then not be possible).

Should new users be able to read messages that have been sent before they were added?


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ziq wrote

It should be optional like how Telegram does it. When you invite a user, Telegram asks how many past messages you want them to see.

But should every chat participant have to agree before a new participant is added?


mofongo wrote

No, if someone is inactive or without connection would be impossible to add new people.


Xesau wrote

That is a very good point. It does, however, not address the implicit question that this response leaves unanswered, namely which people must agree. A majority? The starter of the conversation?