[Motion] Motion to change Parliament policy so that PoL and Motion submissions cannot be edited

Submitted by Xesau in parliament


observing that a feature to edit the title and body text of submissions is present in the forum software,

observing that the use of this feature is not restricted,

observing that it is not possible to see what modifications have been made to a submission,

considering that when a motion or proposal of law is submitted, making changes to the text can cause unnecessary confusion,

adds a new Rule to the list of rules that can be found in the description, that goes as follows:

  1. A submission tagged [PoL] or [Motion] shall not be edited. To change the contents, a new submission with the modified text shall be submitted, and the original submission must be deleted, or - to preserve comments - the title of the original submission is prefixed with [Retracted]

and proceeds to the order of the day.



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Lenny wrote

For, makes sense. Anyway to lock posts so they can't be edited?