co-operative health insurance commongroundhealthcare.org

Submitted by mockingjanthony in organize (edited )

could be one way of accumulating capital to fund working class revolutionary movement building and ongoing resistance efforts.

as with any co-op though, i think the primary issue is how to keep them grounded long term in movement principles, and that requires some sort of umbrella/network/foundation that can strategize and coordinate diverse co-operative efforts throughout regions and the world, name what works, and what we stand with, and what we oppose, and enforce our policies in some way, holding eachother accountabel and those who seek to exploit our work.

life insurance, and home insurance are other things radicals could provide a co-operative alternative to. eviction insurance, car insurance, bike insurance. we could pay out claims with equity as well as funding, or redistribution. like an anarchist co-op might insure cars and bikes, not by paying for damages, but by redistributing donated and otherwise collectively mantained vehicles, or both.

eviction insurance co-op might help cover the costs of eviction, helping people move, doing the actual labor of moving. dunno what would work, what would be worthwhile, but i think there is potential here. we need some sort of capital plan to grow a movement infrastructure. imo that can either be expropriation or co-operative enterprise, and insurance is one of the ways the global developers fund their neo-colonial gentrification campaigns, buying and destroying whole cities.

if we could provide an alternative to insurance for millions of people, we could fund a lot of organizing, not just to pay out when bad shit happens to members, but to fight to prevent bad shit from happening, resisting systems that make bad shit happen, and then exercising mutual aid when it does, to show a kind of practical solidarity, and also not just that we oppose something, but that we are willing to do what it takes to address it, and take some responsibility in making things better, not just talking and asking others to change, but showing we are willing to take leadership and change ourselves.


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