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Defasher wrote

A monthly radical magazine that's sold by subscription and delivered as either a computer file or print internationally?


lookin4 wrote

Basically a great idea, but -at least in my area- there are many radical, independent newspapers, blogs, magazines, radios etc. out there. But only a handful reach the mainstream.

Some of them are offered to nearly or exactly the same prize as the major, mainstream media. Or they're gratis, pay-as-you-want. Some of them are in a niche, which is not strictly bad, but I think most of them are produced, published/sold on a rather high standard of content, requiring to have certain scene-knowledge or to visit info shops respectively scene locations which may be inconvenient for some people.

It's a balancing act, if you want to spread the word, be part of the counter-public and do not want to preach before the "converted" plus wanting money from them.