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lookin4 wrote

Apply for a project/promotion fund from the state or corporations for a very generic issue and use the publicitiy, the money itself and everything that comes with it to promote alternative, radical ideas.

Maybe an registered alibi-association needs to be established first (or will be helpful for reputation) probably that needs to be done again and again after you may have been disqualified to apply for future funds. note that this can not be done entirely anonymously (afaik)

But here come some advantages

  • it seems very unlikely for me that this will be generally illegalized - at least in western "democracies".
  • it is also provoking the investor, because it could seem that your words and actions are endorsed by them.
  • it can cause trouble not just in their leadership, but in their public relations department.
  • whether they deny, ignore or support it, it can be good for your cause.
  • it redistributes wealth instead of depending on affiliation-fees like many NGO (which may have good-minded but only a handful of rich members. if any)

Sure this requires courage, good knowledge about work with the media, agitating skills and probably a good lawyer or immunity because the laws are clear, court decisions and possible consequences are predictable.