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Submitted by ziq in organize (edited )

Raddle Channel Disroot Riot.im Notes
Raddle General #raddle.me:matrix.org 🔗 🔗 General Site Chat

I promise to keep this channel free of drama. The admin and mod list will only consist of people that have proven to be impartial and reliable. Furthermore, the toxic rageculture inherent in the old room will not be tolerated at all. The channel is exclusively for raddle fans; people that would rather attack this site and its users can probably do so on shiningwing's channel which is here: #raddle:matrix.org.

Invite your friends :)


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ziq wrote (edited )

Posting it here too because the other thread got instantly brigaded by mass downvoting alts, which forced me to respond in kind, and that dragged the thread back into annoying drama.