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My family has always had sleep issues. Most of us have a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep, and once awoken being able to fall back asleep. The last few months has been really tough for me. I am looking after my parents, not taking care of myself like I should, and I don't know where the braking point is going to be or how badly someone is going to get hurt. Yesterday, I found myself falling asleep behind the wheel and almost collided with the middle wall on the highway.

I have taken sleep aids for years. I am at the point that I sometimes have to take a combination of drugs just to get two, three, and at most four hours of sleep in a night. Some nights the drugs don't work at all and I lay in silence all night wondering if today will be day I make a mistake while being tired. I am so afraid that I am going to hurt myself or hurt someone else. I am running myself ragged just trying to survive.

I feel that I have done everything I can by following all of the standard advice of no caffeine, no blue light, working out, eating well, drinking enough fluids, no naps, not eating late.

I am so afraid I am going to become addicted to benzos. I am even more afraid that the benzos I do take will stop working and I won't fall asleep for days. I have spent so much time and money visiting doctors, doing sleep studies, and I am not get better. Honestly I am not even able to maintain I am only getting worse.



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heckthepolice2 wrote

About a year ago I had a really bad episode of insomnia along with constant panic attacks and like, near-catatonic depression. Not sleeping at all fucking sucks, and shit my episode was only a couple weeks, I can't even imagine that for months. I really really hope you can feel better soon <3


hasbrochem wrote

this really sucks and I hope you'll be okay.

have you tried marijuana? I know a couple of people with some sleep issues and they either smoke or use tabs/oil to help them sleep at night.

if you're in the usa, and you're not already doing this, maybe some of this could help alleviate some pressure? if there's something else you feel you could use to help, don't hesitate to ask and there's a bunch of us here that can try to help scrounge up resources and options for you.

I know you didn't ask and I apologize if I'm overstepping in offering this.


Pop wrote

that sounds really tough

Yesterday, I found myself falling asleep behind the wheel and almost collided with the middle wall on the highway.

I once had a small accident because of this
destroyed somebody's car


Catsforfun wrote

have you tried smoking weed before bed? Best to smoke a strain like Romulan that is good for putting you to bed.


Incognito OP wrote

I tried it as an edible and I did not feel a difference. My biology is so odd. I had a car accident and maxed out the morphine drip. I still had a lot of pain. When I was discharged I took a really low dose muscle relaxer and 30 minutes later the pain was gone.