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It's depressing... im so uninspired and bored that I can function at the level I need to. I don't really have any social relationships rn and can't go out cuz I'm supposed to not walk very much for a while. Weed is the only thing that helps, but i can't find it here. (endless entertainment, right?) I'm gonna get some professional help, but how am I supposed to be inspired about doing nothing but cooking in a tiny ass kitchen with no counters? Sooooooooo boredddddd. Any ideas appreciated, no expectation though



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Pop wrote

that sucks

if you're looking for potential solutions, here are some

since you're mostly stuck at home, there is probably a bunch of inspiring movies/tv you could watch?

A good documentary or even just movie often leaves me wanting to burn the world
there are loads of biopics of radical people also
might make you less bored and also give you ideas for things to do

if you're somewhere with a prisoner support group, you could find out how to write letters to political prisoners pretty easily and you could send the letters on the occasions you do go out

good luck


glokaya_kuzdra wrote

books are cheap, or free with a library card (or an internet connection)


MHC wrote

As you said, cooking is a start!