Submitted by Rosechild in offmychest

We are all such asshats to each its not even funny. First of all we treat liberals like dumbasses even though they have been taught to hate us so maybe try to help to educate them...but nah let's just bitch and whine.... also marxists have been split among ourselves.. r/soc, /leftypol/ , tankiesw, the dsa, and so on, like it's like we all hate each other and also do we all forget that Marxism is about wanting a humaine and good place that allows everyone a good life like :-( damn ..... also I know my grammar sucks ok this like this is just a rant so it's not like I care about grammar rn also if this is completely bullshit please correct me



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Catsforfun wrote

how many of us use to be liberals though? I think finding common ground is important and often possible, though not always.