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My partner and I have had a very tumultuous few years. Mostly due to poverty maybe, but also some other old trauma playing out in our relationship interactions. We moved cross country for some Reasons and it ended up being too hard to live in our rv like we planned. We got a room. The lady on the lease seemed weird but hey that’s ok. We would soon realize she was batshit comorbid with a drug problem. The short story with her is that she is very abusive towards us with random screaming at us or at nothing, especially in the middle of the night. She regularly wakes us in the night with her crazy shanaigans. I think I’m going to have a post traumatic stress response after I get out.

We finally found another room. The bar for housing is just so high, even though I have fixed income. That’s what broke us. Too hard to get housing. To hard to leave horrible abusive people behind. We are gonna wrap up all our loose ends and make a lifestyle change that will be good for us and our relationship.

We snapped at her today. After 3 months. My partner snapped at her and then the stress of it caused me to snap at her too. Told her we’re moving out in a few days, but now she thinks we owe her money and stuff but it’s not my fault she can’t keep roommates around because she is violent and erratic. I’m scared of retail is toon in the meantime. I hope all my stuff gets forwarded to the PO box I opened properly.

I have been having digestive and sleep issues the last few months from the stress of it. I can’t wait until we make it where we are going in a few months. I just want some peace so I can heal and grow. Fuck therapy, I can do it on my own. Everything I need is inside me, along with psychedelics and friends and nature.

I’m so angry and sad about this. What the hell is wrong with her and what’s wrong with the world for making housing so inaccessible.

The only thing we have left is getting the rv into storage. Unfortunately we have to drive a car that leaks oil because the rv will be too conspicuous at the new sublease. I can’t wait to be done. I just hope it all goes smoothly until we get where we are going.



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