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dele_ted wrote (edited )

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Sounds like you need to adjust your derailleurs. There's little "screws" that you can turn with your fingers at both ends of the gearing cable, try turning them and see if you can fix the indexing of your gears. If that doesn't do the tricks, or your derailleurs are broken one way or the other (mine breaks all the time), you can adjust the cable directly at the gearing with a Philips screwdriver. Just unscrew, tighten or relax the cable, and screw back in. You can find more info online.

I'm all in for a bike forum, that would be awesome!

e: in regards to the missing bike paths, just stay on the few roads with paths or get to know the small roads with less traffic. Also, don't ride with music in your ears, and keep a trigger-finger on your brakes.