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dele_ted wrote

I wish i could give a helping hand myself, but as far as i remember you aren't actually from Copenhagen.

I think i have an idea in regards to the transportation. I can't drive (i can, but i don't have a license), and i don't have money or the patience for public transportation. I bike everywhere instead. Literally everywhere (30+ km. sometimes means taking the bike halfway with public transportation). Besides relieving stress, and the awesome feeling of going faster than the cars on the road with the wind in your hair, it's actually a very viable option for transportation. Faster than public transport, free besides the initial investment into a bike, and good for your body.

But to me, what matters more than cleaning the house, is transportation

You should pay attention to cleaning up. It's more important than you think. A single day of hard work will make the house as clean as a hotel, and keeping up from there will only require 15 minutes or so each day, and a mindset to clean up after yourself when you're finished with a task.

Hope you figure things out. Let me know if there's anything i can do.