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I'm having exams soon, and my mom really put a lot of pressure on me for those exams.

Truth is that deep down I don't give a fuck about those exams, it's just a piece of paper that will let me work to gain money that I don't even need in my situation. My no1 goal is to need the least amount of money as possible in order to work the less as possible.

But I'm really bad at masking I don't give a shit about something, so people get very angry against me because they think I'm rude.

In a way I don't want to live according to this society's rules and morals. But going against it seems to also mean isolation, and my skills in social stuff are already low so isolation would basically kill me.

I don't know what to do. This is painful.



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tuesday wrote

I'm sorry this is hard. Have you done the math of figuring out how well you have to do on your exams to pass your classes?


SnowCode OP wrote

That's the thing. I don't give a shit about them,one of them i'm pretty sure i'll pass, the other, maybe.

But my problem is the conflict I have with my mother about it, I feel like the people around me are more stressed about my future than i'm and it fucks me up.