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lettuceLeafer wrote

Personally I find when people try to comfort me when in a predicament where death is genuinely better I find almost everything people say to be condesending. So just listen and make statements that confirm people's feelings and show that you are listening.

For example if they say X makes them want to kill themself you can say yeah, I can totally see how such suffering would make you feel that way. If they want something they will ask.

Also to give methods behind my statements I actually have been trained in how to talk to people who are like 1 hour from killing themself and usually less severe situations. So I've had a shit ton of practice and I can tell u from experience that my advice is decent.

I would be more concerned about u setting healthy boundaries tbh. Letting a depressed person drag u down and take up a ton of emotional energy almost is never healthy or helpful to either party. The amount of times suicidal people try and cope by trying to be abusive or manipulative is super common. So if u don't think u will be able to set boundaries or feel like boundaries are being pressed be okay with ditching the friendship.