Submitted by __0 in offmychest

Maybe the reason people aren't welcoming you on this site is because of your incredibly standoffish behavior, the way you make assumptions of people's intentions, the way you loudly protest your "persecution", maybe there isn't a conspiracy against you, maybe it's just a problem with the way you interact with people. I would be willing to learn about zen but honestly I'm not interested in the way you belittle everyone you talk to on raddle. But then again maybe I'm choosing to be ignorant, maybe I'm concern trolling, maybe I'm uneducated.

I'm so sorry that I can't be as enlightened as you.

From: __0 To: ewk, thefacelessface



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zephyr wrote

imo he/she is a troll trying to bait anyone who has a basic knowledge of zen or buddhism. and maybe just irritate everyone else. or maybe they are truly psychotic.


lettuceLeafer wrote

Yeah I told ewk that they seem to be the complete opposite of what zen is about. Tho I'm very irgnorant on zen. But U think basically everyone home understands how annoying ewk is.


SnowCode wrote

What's the story behind this? I've seen another thread about ewk but I don't know what they did or anything.