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nulloperation wrote

Sounds depressing when your school friend hurls out buttcoin cryptobro ancap fantasies. The more disappointing when it's someone you like.

In posh private school, I guess it must be challenging to stand alone with that view one has from being increasingly woken towards suffering and injustice. One thing to perhaps practice could be calling in (a much gentler version of calling out) your friend for suggesting something oppressive. I like when people call me in when I accidentally say oppressive shit, so it goes both ways.

I try to call co-workers in (and sometimes out) on sexism, and also on animal liberation when they're ordering death pizzas or eating minced pig flesh, but also doing it warmly and somewhat humorously because I really love my co-workers too. Each their own style, I guess, but I think it's important you state your truth somehow.

Or maybe watch Moxie and start a revolution at your school?