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Please tell me if I spam. It's my third post on this forum in the last month so I don't want to be a parasite.

I am feeling down today. I am a teenager in Belgium my parents are middle-class and I'm one of the rare people of my age that can go into a private school, this school gives me amazing freedom and has ton of amazing people in it. So I feel ashamed for being unhappy in such a great environment.

Basically everyone there is between middle-class and upper-class. In my group (even as a middle-class) I'm probably the one with the least amount of wealth.

In a nutshell, that's not the place where you would find a lot of anarchists, and in deed. Someone said something like this which pissed me off by a LOT:

I want to hire Africans to pay at lower wages to be active on Discord server to be whitelisted in NFT sales to make a lot of money.

This is against all my values and ethics and I hated it. This is probably the thing that pissed me off the most today.

Also, I'm not very social and it's really hard for me to sustain friendships so I would like to experiment with things, especially affinity groups, etc but I feel like I won't ever have the necessary skills to do anything useful ever.

Someone also proposed me to work with them, the business is... not bad. Honestly it's not anti-ethical and yet I'm perfectly useless, I can't even show up IRL to get paid because I stress to much to meet people in person.

TL;DR I feel like a useless privileged susceptible piece of shit that whines about all and nothing and can't do anything to help anyone, not even myself.



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Styx wrote

I was in a similar position as you. Comfortable enough to go to a private school but not rich enough to get my own Audi for my 18th birthday like many of my classmates. I also struggled with maintaining friendships (as if it was even possible with those fuckwits).

And here's the thing: You should pity them. They are already dead inside and there's nothing anyone can do to help them. They will soon discover that whatever riches they have are not enough, that there are significantly richer people than them, and will spiral into a massive existential crisis, because someone else has a more expensive car than they do. Boo fucking hoo.

In a few years, once you go to uni or w/e, you'll meet a more varied selection of people and finally meet those who respect you for who you are. Then you'll see more clearly how pitiful this bunch is.


SnowCode OP wrote (edited )

The thing is that those people are also my friends. In most cases they're not like that and I love them. They comforted me a lot, and yet I still feel like shit. I maybe feel a little less like shit when I'm with them and I'm grateful for that. I don't hate them, I do hate myself right now though.

The thing that bugs me the most is not them, it's the fact I feel soooo useless.


Styx wrote

I'm sorry you feel this way. It looks like you have too high expectations for yourself. Objectively though, you are a teenager. There isn't much you can do and that's alright. The opportunity will eventually present itself.


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

I wouldn't feel bothersome about posts. I slather all of raffles forums with my random musings at whim wit no shame. So ur not even close to my level. If u where posting to much I would be a much better target for ire. Lol

FYI I don't feel ins cure about my posting just trying to console snowcode.


nulloperation wrote

Sounds depressing when your school friend hurls out buttcoin cryptobro ancap fantasies. The more disappointing when it's someone you like.

In posh private school, I guess it must be challenging to stand alone with that view one has from being increasingly woken towards suffering and injustice. One thing to perhaps practice could be calling in (a much gentler version of calling out) your friend for suggesting something oppressive. I like when people call me in when I accidentally say oppressive shit, so it goes both ways.

I try to call co-workers in (and sometimes out) on sexism, and also on animal liberation when they're ordering death pizzas or eating minced pig flesh, but also doing it warmly and somewhat humorously because I really love my co-workers too. Each their own style, I guess, but I think it's important you state your truth somehow.

Or maybe watch Moxie and start a revolution at your school?