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flingwingin wrote

i was tryna say theyre both bad, idk if that got across

like posties have this super radical critique and want to live as anarchs RIGHT NOW, but doing this will lead to consequences most can't handle (like smh good ol benzo renzo died in a shootout with cops), so they cope by saying "i'm doing what i want" but only doing the things they want which are in line with the dominant establishment's view of what's right - it's a life ruled by fear and at best it's just not radical at all (and i only bring this up because they seem to think they're enlightened egoist ubermenschen for doing what they want, when it's literally what the system is designed for).

also changing your environment is changing the world... unless you mean change which environment you're in, in which case fml why am i tryna give advice to a social ladder climbing leftist tryna just build more privilege fuck that, fuck the state, and fuck it's bribes. But i dont think thats what ur saying so idk. Like there's shit you can do which allows for you to change things and make shit better, but no one is asking you to be a whole social movement in one person and revolutionize the whole world and bring down all states. Tbh that's like almost always a strawman of revolutionary arguments that passive nihilists (aka BASIC LIBERAL SUBJECTs) bring up in order to justify having 0 solidarity and 0 compassion and just "focusing on myself"

anyways anyways im not trying to criticize you here, i just wanted to answer why posties say to live in the moment, and why it looks to you that living in the moment means being inactive - it's cause people coping with the facts of the state and a lack of nihilism