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existential1 wrote (edited )

fuck westoid eastern mysticism like fucking 99% of the time it's just covert brainwashing tactics to make you docile and uncritical

Lietzu | Liezi from the 4th/5th century BC..."westoid eastern mysticism". What are you on about?

In particular, stories like "20: The man who could walk through fire" or "48: The man who tried to move the mountains" or "62: Effort argues with Destiny". (All groupings here are from Eva Wong's version)

Even using a preface like "real" with daoism next strikes me as strange.


flingwingin wrote

your brain on westoid eastern mysticism

(ok sorry i was harsh and i'm just shitposting on you, but fr i think there's a certain reading of the materials which is besides the point of what they literally say - im not denying what you talk about exists in daoist tests - though also daoism is like a broad as fuck thing which has been around for a long time and gathered tons of weird shit - i'm just saying that 100% western leftists will draw out certain ideas from the texts that from what i can see are less than main points at best, or just bad interpretations of the meaning or context, and they almost always serve to further docility and social control)