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lettuceLeafer wrote

Reply to comment by SnowCode in I am lost by SnowCode

Ok I fixed it so it actually makes sense now.

Your goal is actually pretty achievable. I would say the easiest advice would for you to have enough money to retire early. Good guestimate is your cost of living per year / .04 . Or you could become self employed in a remote job where you only have to work a few hours and it covers the bills.

If you don't spend much money and get most of your needs besides buying them it's quite practical to quit working with some set up.


SnowCode OP wrote

I think I am shifting my goal toward work. I am ready to work but I don't want work to become a burden for my life, and one thing I am trying to achieve by minimizing needs and expenses would be to be able to be more flexible and free with work. I didn't even think about retirement but it's true it's would be a good thing to consider.

I don't know how to start though. I am still living at my parents but I know they are the type of person who wouldn't mind me staying here forever, but I don't. I don't know how to quit home and start trying to achieve this goal.