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syster wrote

idk if that's of interest for you, while it could be:

Another platform that is part of the fediverse is hubzilla. I'm naming it because it allows you to also create photo albums (which you can also synchronize via WebDav) and forums while giving you the possibility to grant access to it for others by your definitions. (if you don't want it to be visible in the clearnet, just one click and it will be only visible to those you choose.)


somenudist OP wrote

that sounds cool, and maybe more suited to, like, what seems to be a lot of naturists on the internet? not me, as much, cuz... I don't know, I'm not AGAINST photos per se, but I've made a whole thing of being critical of representation and uninterested in passive consumption of images of naked people, probably in middle-class homes or on beautiful sandy beaches somewhere

but, lol, if someone set that stuff up, who's to say I wouldn't make an account to finally share a few photos of myself, for select followers I'd show my face to, in which I think I look handsome and/or cute? and given I'm sort of into Reddit, I imagine the forum thing would be cool too