/f/readingclub - for reading, as a club, collectively, together raddle.me

Submitted by buzz in newforums (edited )

Pretty cool and revolutionary concept unique to raddle, what I hope will happen is that we collectively SUGGEST books, and then collectively DECIDE to read a book, and then collectively DISCUSS the book. Did I mention that we would do things collectively, together, as a club? It is a big part of the process.

Hope you can join in the fun! /f/readingclub


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nijntje wrote

Hm, sounds like a lot of fun but unfortunately i'm swamped atm so i think i'll join in later, if possible. have you thought about how often you'd read a book?


buzz wrote

probably a week to start, hopefully we can decide one by this friday/saturday


leftous wrote

Ok, but in all seriousness, this should be cool. I hope we get a bunch of people involved.


leftous wrote

You should have named it /f/eadingclub. We could have run a "bait and switch".

We bait the liberal megaconsumers into thinking that we're going to feed them free, all-American club sandwiches. Then we switch with anti-capitalist propaganda. The megaconsumers then start posting our propaganda as megalinks - preying on their community's megaconsumption mindset. Then we have ourselves a bit of a revolution, and the megas are none the wiser.


buzz wrote

oh no!

another alternative: we create a postmill instance on the website feaddle.me. Mindless consumers would be drawn to the link, but on arrival they are immediately redirected to raddle. The same process you have detailed occurs, Megaconsumers desperate for inclusion replicate posts and commenting, until finally through reading and reproducing copious amounts of prim-post-left-communist-anarchist-transhumanist-monarchist propaganda they end up developing the ability for introspection, and realize the extent that they have been bamboozled!