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23i wrote

dammit, I miss the old site.


zod wrote

Why don't you just merge with raddle so we can both increase our userbases?


PainlessEphemera wrote

I would think a lot of people who are using Raddle are already using 0chan and vice-versa


zorblax OP wrote (edited )

imageboards are a completely different format and culture from reddit-like forums. For one, they tend to be more casual. For another, they don't have up/downvoting and threads are straight linear, and posts are (usually) anonymous, so there are none of the artificial incentives on what to post.

I'm sure n1x would be open to some kind of partnership or something though.


Cosmicsloth42 wrote

A little out of the loop here, can someone explain what 0chan is. Is it just Onion Chan's short hand or is it completely different?