Node discovery and announcement

Submitted by 365degrees in nettle

A node may connect to another node and use its REPL as a client would. This allows to nodes to synchronize: a node checks what it has, then gets and puts the differences (that they need: see Object distribution and world splitting).

The process of node connecting is as follows:

  1. Node A connects to Node B.
  2. Node A tells Node B it is a node, with a message such as this-is-a node
  3. Node B connects to Node A. This checks if Node A is truly a node, and makes bidirectional communication simpler and possibly faster.
  4. Both nodes store the others' address. The nodes can then recall the address when looking for new nodes, and allows nodes to discover more nodes.
  5. Nodes start synchronization. Nodes should put files the other does not have.

Nodes can also periodically check each other for other nodes. I suggest the get-nodes command for this: it just lists all the connected nodes which have announced themselves.


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