More nettle-lisp progress

Submitted by 365degrees in nettle (edited )

Since everyone's panicking about ziq being evil, here's some fun information.

  • You can run enough of a full Lisp Nettle stack (nettled and nettle-forum) to look at some data. Yay.
  • SBCL can load faster if you "bake" the nettle package into SBCL by using sb-ext:save-lisp-and-die, see tools/bakenettle.lisp. The sbcl.nettle binary it makes the Lisp tools close in speed to the Python ones. (The new SBCL is only 16Mb too.)
  • The new Nettle signing format lets you have signatures and owner lists that don't necessarily match, making it more flexible. Lisp rules can decide if the difference is okay.


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