nettle-forum theme sets and CSS magic

Submitted by 365degrees in nettle

CSS brought a wonderful concept called variables into styling. You can give some values in one file, and use them in another to make changes easier and avoid code duplication. For example:

body {
  --red: #c00;
  --green: #0c0;
  --blue: #00c;
  --a: var(--red);

The variables can be used in any child of body after:

a {
  color: var(--a);

Postmill uses these for light and dark modes a lot. Nettle-forum (both Python and Lisp, but Python has user settings right now) loads in more than one theme, so theme developers can use colour pallete sheets and design sheets.
This can be used to make variations on one theme for different forums and places, with the designer just writing a few rules relating to a few colours, like this one-minute GIMP mockup.


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selver wrote

Can you explain what the hell nettle is without being so cryptic?


365degrees wrote

Well, it's more or less a thought experiment with a mostly working Python program to fit.

Nettle is a distributed data storing platform, where users submit any images, thoughts or anything else that a computer can record with an ECDSA signature. Users group their information into "objects", stored as "blobs", which can contain more than one file and some metadata so Nettle understands how to file the object and regulate how it can be modified and interacted with in the future.

Nettle doesn't speak HTTP by default (HTTP is spoken by "web" servers and is used to serve websites), so a secondary "nettle-forum" project bridges the two.

Right now, I'm trying to port the Python programs to Common Lisp to speed them up, and to suit the design of Nettle better.