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RadicalConstructivist wrote (edited )

People can make up their own mind as to whether or not they defend or support her. I can't say I understand how you got to the conclusion that everything has to be about manipulation.

I don't want to get into an argument about events that happened over a year ago but I believe there's a lot missing from this account of things. There are multiple sides to this. I can elaborate if you or anyone else is willing to listen but I'd rather not flood the site with more arguments about this.

That said, she did make some mistakes in the past. She learnt from them. As did you. Can we all move on?


ziq wrote

clouds biggest talent is convincing everyone she's blameless and a victim while meticulously orchestrating non stop chaos to turn her fans against her enemies, which means anyone who doesn't lavish her with nonstop praise

i kno her, we used to talk for hours everyday until i got sick of what she was doing to the site and its users and made the mistake of trying to tell her to stop


Articuno wrote (edited )

Votes are sacred dear.
They decide who's right and who's wrong.
If your opinion is valid or not.

Votes are sacred dear.
What others think of you is reflected in the points one receive.
Get bathed in affirmation.

Votes are sacred dear.
I have not said this enough. Showing who's love and who's hated
is the vote's most important job.


lettuceLeafer wrote


I don't envy your situation. The whole thing with alts, random throwaways starting stuff and clouds being back is a situation I have no idea what the right move is or how to feel really.

Clouds actually does downvote people exactly 4 times while arguing with them. I know because she does it to me. You posting this achieves exactly the result the throwaways were going for

That's a great point.

If you think there is anything I can do to help hit me up. It sucks how much pressure is on u to deal with the situation. If I can help make it more manageable I'd be glad too.


RadicalConstructivist wrote (edited )

oops comrade that is sounding a little like youre not on board with my agenda, so I've decided you must be a sock of my enemy. After all it's impossible that more than one person disagrees with me


did you know my enemy used the word downvotes once too? Everyone this is conclusive proof