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CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by ramone in Just Read My Letter by MarxWasTheMessiah

Power comes from influence, if you have the same amount of influence as everybody else you are just as powerful.

Except that's not how democracy or power work at all. Like you said, power comes from influence; if someone can influence more than one person, they are more powerful by your own admission.

Words aren't violence, if you get shit on verbally it's probably because you haven't stated your case clearly enough.

Oh my god, are you actually doing this?

I judge individuals on their own merit

"I don't see color."

The world is endangered, there have to be rules for how to extract it's resources

The people extracting resources at the rate they are now either make the rules or ignore them. Rules are worth nothing.


ramone wrote

It's on you to make your own opinions.

People getting rich off extracting resources is the problem.