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comrade_pikachu wrote

How long before you ban me for daring to point out the obvious?


OdiousOutlaw wrote

"This website is full of liberals, tree fascists, and CIA agents bound together by a hatred for communism. I alone storm the gates of raddle armed only with my weapons of logic, reason, and civil debate to prove to everyone just how anti-communist raddle truly is. I waste my personal time in order to perform this exercise in futility as the last true communist on this CIA honeypot, because that's what logical, reasonable people do." Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Mao would be so proud.


OdiousOutlaw wrote

I dunno, I left out the doublethink of being a Maoist while idolizing Richard Dawkins, praising Kamala fucking Harris and hating anarchists for being "liberals". The traits that actually make them different from your typical tankie.


surreal wrote

damn, i tried to hide it but this guy is good