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selver wrote (edited )

Comrade I'm afraid I must oppose any further discussion of the aforementioned Party Congress 27 queries until the minutes of Party Congress 26 are read and reviewed. We must stay vigilant about the counter-revolutionary inefficiencies that arise from disregarding the official process, for we are no better than Sergey Nechayev himself without closely adhered to policy.


ziq wrote (edited )

As comrade selver had warned, we mustn't discuss this integral matter in an official capacity until such time as the party administrators have deemed it acceptable to do so.

Upon their acceptance of this discussion, the discussion (thread 1) should be followed by an official poll (thread 2) whereupon our esteemed Congress of People's Deputies must indicate whether or not they feel moderators should moderate. The administrators must then of course make the final decision in a closed session (threads 3-6) and announce their decision to us in an official decree (thread 7) that is enshrined in law (thread 8).

Then begins the arduous process to amend said law to render it water tight and safe from the subversion of potential future reactionary elements (threads 9 through 656)


[deleted] wrote


ziq wrote

Ah, I stand corrected comrade ergdj5. The reactionary peasant element on The People's Raddle must be erradicated with great efficiency to ensure the future providence of the party. The prosperity of the party to enrich its leaders is paramount. For this reason I propose installing The People's Raddle Laser Death Drones above all The People's Raddle Factories and The People's Raddle Farms to ensure maximum efficiency in making The People's Raddle Quota this quarter.