I was banned from /r/Anarchism for having a horrible opinion. Someone, please help me change my opinion, or at least help me cope!

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Hi everyone I just wanted to say that the anarchism subreddit banned me for posting this:

I believe that anarcho-transhumanism is in fact fine and that it is possible to transition to a posthuman state while being sustainable.

My most recent comment :

technology is natural because humans come from nature.

Someone, please help me. I don't know what to do about this. Many other comments and responses exist, but there are way too many to paste here. My opinion may be terrible, and I'm trying to change it, desperately, but I really need help doing so. Please don't ban me here too! I just want to change my opinion! I was already really lonely, due to no one caring about anything I care about, but being banned from /r/Anarchism makes this much, much worse! I need someone to talk to! Please, someone talk to me! Please, someone help me change my opinion, or something! I can't take this isolation anymore, and I can't take capitalism anymore either. I just want to help the world…


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ziq wrote

nature is a spectre, ban deserved.