ziq here, I wont get rid of all my alts

Submitted by TheLegendaryBirdMonster in meta_

Hi again, another alt of ziq here. I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry about using my alt Defasher to troll but I'll kept using my 4 other alts in order to run the website:

leftout, emma, tequilla_wolf, and this one.

If you ever see any infighting on raddle, it's me fighting all by myself, so just ignore it.

Also, if you see a new user that isnt here for /f/mega, it's also one of my alt.


Well, maybe those ones are too.


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leftous wrote

Hey ziq, it's ziq. I added you as a mod here because you have just the stuff I was looking for to lead our ziqs into the best ziq community on the net.


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

Hey lettuce ziq
As a /f/totally_not_ziq, I too hope that this website will dominate the World Wide Ziq


leftous wrote

it's no coincidence that www sideways kind of looks like zzz (referring to the ziq holy trinity)


Dumai wrote

"leftout" is my second favourite example of somebody misspelling leftous

i say second favourite because nothing will ever beat my personal best of "lettous"


Dumai wrote

leftout sounds like a really bad left-wing game show


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

  • 2 players, each with their group of liberals

  • the players need to blurt out leftist propaganda as fast and as loud as possible

  • the first one to get ostracized by their group wins

  • no talking about burning trash bins, it would be cheating


buzz wrote

Hi again me, its /u/ziq again

Anyone want to join my readingclub? Its just me at the moment ):


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

oh no please ziq stop we're trying to build a real community here, if you're all alone, how will we take decisions in a democratic fashion?

Can you come to /f/mediation for us to look for a solution

.. oh shit wrong accout