Submitted by lettuceLeafer in meta_ (edited )

Step 1: Hear "Oh baby you are so great smart and wonderful I will do anything for you and you are so wonderful. "

Step 2: Date Them for a week

Step 3: Do lots and lots of emotional labor and actual labor for them while receiving little in return.

Step 4: Hear "Allright, since I like you and you are my lessor I will do literally everything for you. All your successes were actually because of me. And since I'm such a big strong man with a massive penis you literally have done nothing for me. I want to control literally all your behaviors"

Step 5: Break up with them because ovi

Step 6: Hear insistently about horrible you are and that you are just a crazy bitch. Maybe get stalked or threatening phone calls. Because they made you and you just fucked them over. Or just have them wine on the internet trying to devise ways to make your life even worse than dating them.

Repeat until you are sick of men.



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