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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

shut the fuck up. They literally openly badjacket c4ss and anews. Throwing a winey fit that they aren't allowed to post harassing comments about a queer person on anews. Throw a fit over talking to nonanarchists but promote posts of anarchists promoting ML like

Its just bullshit bc this crap wouldn't slide if the nerdy anarchist wasn't a liked figure. Its just crappy behavior being tolerated in anarchist spaces bc they like the nerdy anarchist. Which is just classic behavior. Not to mention did you not notice I was the only one who tried to tone down the harassment until it go to the point someone thought it was okay to start suicide goading a queer anarchist. Is that really okay to you that shit gets that out of hand. Fucking gross as shit honestly. Fuck everyone here who is to cowardly to say shit.

How about you don't let your friends do badjacketing, enable them to dodge mods stopping their harrassing comments, engage in a dogpile over literally nothing. You really thing its acceptable to harrass queer anarchists until people thing its okay to start suicide goading. Like there should be no accountability for acting like fucking kiwi farms. Seriously? What utter bullshit


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lettuceLeafer OP wrote (edited )

allright. I shouldn't have been nearly so rude to you. I was frankly shitty and I apologize. I"m sorry if I caused you strife. Also I could explain why I think dual power is marxist but that would be a disrespectful apology if I start another argument with you at the end of an apology.