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lettuceLeafer OP wrote (edited )

And to be clear I"m primarily making fun of the ridiculous marxist fit the nerdy anarchist is throwing. Not arguing with them bc I don't argue with anarcho-marxist redditors. But its fucking sad how no one can think for themself on this site.

A literal marxist entryist the nerdy anarchist will not complain about a post of a anarchist promoting the ML idea of dual power. But then will shame anarchists for talking to people who do wrong think and then shames even more anarchists for putting up a anarchists video. Then later on in said thread bad jackets another anarchist collective c4ss as capitalists. To much applause of raddle.

I swear people can't think for themself. Ziq has to make a post everyday about entryism or raddle will eat their own for a half way charismatic marxist. Hey maybe if fucking dirt bag entryists shout ancap you shouldn't dogpile actual anarchists. Nah that would require far too much individual thought.

Now nerdy anarchist doesn't ID as a marxist to my knowledge. But if they are going out of their way to complain and badjacket actual anarchist but not complain about anarchists promoting ML theory. And then try to shame anarchists for talking to people they disagree with; that more cultist marxism 101. If nerdy anarchist wants to walk and talk like a marxist and attack actual anarchists I'll call them just that a ML entryist


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Okay I thought my post over a but more and it's 100 percent right. But I do want to add a caviat. It's actually quite unlikely the nerdy anarchist is a purposeful entryist. They are prob just absorbed so much entryism unchallenged that they regurgitate it uncritically now. The effect is still bad but I think it might have been wrong to attribute this to purposefull malice rather it's more harm due to being a easy mark.