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if you belong to any of these groups you support authority and might as well be a fascist. i don't have a reason but i had a weird dream and that's all i remember from it so it's true so we should ban all scavengers and vhs users, whatever the fuck that means. tbh just delete the whole site just to be safe.



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moonlune wrote

DVD is more authoritarian than VHS because of the YMCA


ziq wrote

my 11 year old nephew is really into vhs, floppy disks and other 80s media, i don't get it at all. even when i was 11 I knew they were shit


asterism wrote

Yeah everyone knows 16mm projectors and reel to reels is where its at.

I do love the look of the reel to reel.


zoom_zip wrote

i keep having dreams about mutant spiders

i had a dream that i got attacked by a brain spider. it’ was like a brain with 8 legs.

i had another dream that someone tied me to a chair and emptied a bucket of huge white spiders (they were black and white and the size and shape of a large sweet potato with legs) over my head

i wouldn’t mind not having these dreams anymore so if anyone has tips that would be great


idkalice OP wrote

that sounds awful i'm sorry to hear

i also have dreams abt bugs and shit, i'm not a fan.


asterism wrote

Rarely have dreams but I just had one with flying bed bugs And millipede sized burrowing bed bugs and bed bug brood mothers. it was horrifying, the burrowing ones dug holes into concrete and waited like a tunnel spider for victims.


Fool wrote

You authoritarian betarchists can't stop me!

I will scavenge the garbage tips of the world for VHS!

Once I have collected it, I will obtain the knowledge from within it, by injecting it straight into my veins!

You can't stop me!


idkalice OP wrote

sorry if im being unfunny


Fool wrote

But no apologies if you aren't unfunny?

... Kids these days... No respect... Only llamas.


(Don't apologise for having fun! ... well, unless you hurt someone)


asterism wrote

At this point I just assume I am funny. No apologies to anyone. The world can suffer me for I have suffered it.